80 Series Aftermarket Muffler

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Jan 17, 2015

My dad has a 94 Land Cruiser with the in-line 6 cylinder 4.5 liter engine. We've had the car for a while now and recently he's been wanting to get a more beefy exhaust note from it. Currently the car is all original and still runs very well.

Any ideas on we could give the cruiser a beefier sound without making it sound like a civic? hehe

There are several exhaust replacement threads. Search away and enjoy hours of reading.

Guys have seemed to have good luck Magnaflow.
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I wouldn't mess with the original exhaust until it was absolutely broken. Only exceptions would be to cut and reroute to go over the frame rail if really needed or to go larger if you are running forced induction. Some of the aftermarket stuff is good but will not last nearly as long as the original.
I replaced my original muffler and cats at 345,000 miles. The muffler I had put on was a dynamic turbo. The main reason was to gain more clearance. It's a pretty small muffler, but I like it a low. At first it was loud and raspy and I was concerned, but it has quieted down since its install. It now sounds really nice and has a little growl at idle.
Lol Could it possibly have flattened down enough of those little hairs inside your eardrum, making it "quieter now" ? :)
Haha no way. It was super raspy and I was not happy, but it really quieted down. The sound also got deeper. I figured it would only get louder, but it's quieted down nicely.
Im on my second Muffler and just obtained a welder and want to tuck the muffler as high as possible and small as possible. I want it stock quiet or a very slight bit louder, Any Stainless steel suggestions for a smaller muffler?
Walker offset inlet/outlet, as big as you can fit.
Walker offset inlet/outlet, as big as you can fit.
A low compression straight six is never going to sound like a V8 muscle car. In fact it'll sound more like an droning old boat with a HP exhaust IMOP. An high compression BMW M-3 is a different story... For my 4.5 Toyota I got a secondary cat delete and gained a little torque and a very modest increase in exhaust note. Be aware it will throw a CAT code occasionally especially if you bump up the timing.
Yeh deep sound is the opposite of what I want. I have a Magnaflow single CAT, Bosal direct replacement (piece of poop) replacement muffler. No resonator and the sound is nice. I need to tuck the muffler up higher to avoid crushing . I slightly dented the BOSAL and it cracked in 3 spots from a light hit.
I will stick with the OE muffler system if it is still good. Anything else is almost considered as downgrade in terms of quality and longevity. Used to have magaflow on one of my 80, still prefer OE setup, personal preference, like it quite and smooth. FYI, OE exhaust system cost more than $2k.
put the oe exhaust in the vault and use and abuse an aftermarket!

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