80 Series AC/Heater Climate Control Dash Lights dim (as convenience) with headlights on.

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Jan 9, 2006
San Jose, CA
Those of you with the 80 Series. There is a solution to eliminate the auto dimming feature in the AC/Heater control panel. This can be annoying during the day when driving with the headlights on. For me, I sometimes need to turn my headlights off to see the AC/heater settings during the daytime.

Firstly, I completely disassembled the button panel and cleaned everything. There is a video on YouTube (not my video). This video also shows the PWB removal.

I also made sure the lights worked.

I cannot take credit for the work around. I do not remember where I found the picture/steps shown below...I think I was on a cruiser site in AUSTRALIA. I would gladly provide a shout out...

Disable Autodim Montage.jpg

Picture of my modification. I did not cut the resisters. I de-soldered the ends circled on the back side of the board. I then soldered the resister ends together.
AC Heater modification.JPG

The Ac/heater control lights stay bright 100% of the time and I love it...
Unfortunately. This modification does not effect the clock brightness.
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