Wanted 80 series 8" high pinion non e-locker, 9.5" FF non e-locker 3rd members

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Jun 5, 2016
Southern California
Looking to pick up the complete front and rear third members from an 80 series, so 8" high pinion front and 9.5" full floater rear. My vehicle was not set up for the e-lockers so no e-locker units please. Anything from bone stock units to geared (4.56 or 4.88)and ARB lockers will work. Let me know what you have and we can go from there. Thanks, Don
i have one that needs a new gear setup. would be perfect if you are going to regear anyways. PM me if that is something you might want.
I have a LSD 4.56 rear and a stock 4.10 front hi pinion.
I want to thank everyone for their posts, I am narrowing down which direction I plan to take, I will make up my mind by the end of Tuesday I hope. Just wanted to let everyone know, thanks.
Another big thanks to everyone that posted. I have found and made a deal for what is going to work for my needs. Thanks again.

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