80 Road tripping - 14.2 MPG after HG

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Aug 8, 2003
First long road trip in the 97 since the HG replacement and I'm pleased with the freeway performance and especially the fuel mileage. With the cruise set at 78mph and a weeks luggage/ski gear for 4 aboard I'm pretty happy with that. This truck did not have its injectors cleaned.

Random Cruiser event of the trip was heading up 80 from SLC to Park City on Sunday evening. Saw a mustard yellow FJ40 on the side with its flashers on. Pulled over and backed up to it. Grabbed a flashlight to offer assistance in the dark. California plates. Eerie scene - driver's door wide open, navigation system on, no tracks around truck, minor gear in the back. Walked around it a couple times trying to figure out what had gone wrong and started feeling uneasy in the dark with my family there and all. Drove off but did not find anyone walking and there had been nobody walking before we came upon it. Strange, eh?

We're in Park City and it's pounding snow under a winter advisory until 6pm. Cruiser weather.

Good to hear the girl's doing well. :)

That is odd about the 40...
Any chance the driver was "hiding behind a bush" ;)

I can just imagine the related post...
I was driving home to CA after some skiiing in Park City, when I felt my stomach gurgling and cramping...I should've known the "all you can eat seafood buffet" was bad news :frown:

Normally, I wouldn't consider doing anything like this, but I REALLY HAD TO GO!
I hit the flashers, grabbed a bunch of napkins I had in the seat next to me and deashed to the nearest bush -- I was moving so fast that I didn't have time to close DS door on my way out.

Made it just in time...but wouldn't you know it? Just as I was finishing up...A dark 80 series pulled up and the driver got out and started walking around checking out my rig. I didn't have time to grab my jacket...I was freezing my "unit" off...why's he spending so much time poking around???...

After having my head gasket replaced on my 1994 Saab 9000 Aero recently, my gas mileage increased from and average of 23.5 mpg to 25.5 mpg. Not bad at all.

I was coming the opposite direction down Parleys Canyon from Park City to Salt Lake City during a blizzard on Saturday and there was this poor guy on a road bike (bicycle, not motorcycle) going down the canyon with one hand shielding his eyes so he could see. I couldn't pull over immediately but got off at the next exit to loop around to see if I could offer him a ride, but he had dissappeared. I could see the skinny tire track on the shoulder, but someone else must have stopped or he was on the grill of one of the many semi trucks.

Enjoy your trip, the skiing should be great.
Crap I just got back from out there two weeks ago and they needed snow real bad. I did see a maron cruiser loaded, ARB, snorkle - the works and it sounded like it had a V8 or something (real meaty sounding) sweet.

Which I could be there. post pictures.
We're pretty trusting here in utah and just leave our cruisers running any old place. Either that or the Californian was beamed up into the mother ship to be studied.
There was snow along the roadway and no tracks. I was puzzled by it enough to walk around and look. The owner must have been picked up as there were no tracks. Strange. That the door was literally open was the strange part. Not unlocked but actually hanging open on the traffic side.

Anyhow, great snow and good times. My bro in law is heading here from Idaho at this moment in his white 80 with 299,000 miles. It will click over to 300k on the trip home Sunday so we'll get a side by side picture since we'll drive home together. Hope the Lucas power steering additive I put in to stem the leak until spring holds things together for him. Brought my tow rope...

Just completing the loop on this thread. Got home an hour ago and I set the cruise at 80 all the way from Park City to home - 730 miles. Averaged 13.4 MPG with heavy side and then head winds. Held cruise speed up some steep hills and passes it couldn't before, and really seems to have a few more beans at the higher engine RPMs of freeway travel. From memory, this is about 1 MPG better than it would do before, but moving up from 12.4 would be a substantial % improvement. Sorry I have no idea what MPG it will achieve at a more sedate 65 or so with the changed compression as this was a banzai run. I'm pleased with the changes and also that I can push it hard with no worries about the state of the HG.


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