80 for sale, need some insight

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Nov 3, 2015
jacksonville nc
I have a 1992 fj80 3fe with a cracked blocked, I would love to fix it back up but time and circumstances are not in my favor, as much as me and the wife love it, it' in our best interest to try and sell it, it has a full 3.5 ome lift, good interior, has some trail damage on the passenger rear qtr panel not major, paint is far from perfect but still decent, truck only has 180k on it and we are wondering if anybody would be interested in it, and also what would be a fair asking price for it, we will not part it it out, I'm more here to see what a fair asking price is, but will be for sale, it' not perfect by any means but could make somebody a solid rig I have more photos I can upload as well


It ain’t worth a nickel to me but, for the right price, it might be worth something to someone else. It’s now a prime candidate for a re-power swap of some sort.

I will go ahead and tell you that anyone who decides to play along here will be asking for many more photos.

I’m more interested in how the block became cracked and where is it cracked?
The only take-away I got was a dead 80 that needs a V8.

But if I take the time to swap a V8 I want a body worth investing $10K+

Double edged sword.

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