80 f4" r3" ome level stance lift

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Dec 24, 2007
Charleston S.C.
I recieved the lift for the 80 today, only had time to install the rear this afternoon, hopefully can get to the front on Thursday or Friday, heres a pic of the truck before lift.
Believe me, after slinging iron all day it's nice to get out of here. But after i get home theres always something that i wish i had accomplished that day and have a tendency to migrate back here on the weekends. This past weekend was the first weekend that i was not here for two days and it felt like a real weekend.
It's a decent truck, mechanically it 100% sound after a lot of money and time, cosmetically it an OK truck. She'll mak a great trail rig due to the small dents and scratches she's already sporting.
Came in real early this morning to finish it up, still have to get to the front drop brackets and front brake lines, but heres some pics
Yeah, It needs bigger tires now.
I kind of miss turning wrenches sometimes also, but I don't think I want to do it for a living again.
I kind of like the pic with just the lift on the back. kind of Cheech and Chong. Did you put the Z motor in already?
Yes, the new 1fzfe is installed and runs great, very noticable difference fom an 232,000 mile tired but reliable engine compared to a fresh new engine fom the ground up.
Stayed late tonight and installed the front lower control arm drop brackets and one more of the brake lines. I'll have to order some new lower control arm bolts from Toyota tomorrow due to the supplied bolts are to long and i had to cut one of the old ones off due to restrictions from the cat assemblys. Still have yet to drive her on the highway.
Thought i may just put some 22"s on her and sell her to a brother. LOL put some crown vic emblems on it and they'd sell like hotcakes.

As far as turning wrenches dbenke if i had it to do all over again i'd be a doctor or lawyer like my parents wanted.

Busy day again tomorrow, maybe i can finish it up (last brake line is seized) enough to drive it and see how it handles

I'll try to post pics of the finished product soon
No, you have to put M&M's, NASCAR, DR. Pepper, Atlanta Falcons, ect...emblems to sell something like that. It might be worth a try for your cherokee!!!!!
sweet... you going to be at shop tomorrow? I will bring the shirts by then and also those for CharlestonFJ60...

I need to change my oil so got to buy a new oil drain pan and a swivel spark plug wrench adapter as I am doing plugs, cabin filter, oil, oil filter, and putting in new oil pan plug........so can go by your shop during my rounds.
Brock, I'll be there in the morning, i've still got to install the new bolts i ordered for the front lower control drop brackets. I've been swamped this week.
I've got the DENSO cabin filter and DENSO spark plugs along with the oil drain plug gasket and Factory oil filter that you'll need in stock if interested. May save you some time from running all over town looking for parts. Your more than welcome to use my swivel spark plug socket if needed.

On another note, Jason (Charlestonfj60) called this afternoon and asked me about my opinion on a USED SOR 2.5 lift kit that he found in the mud classifieds for his 60 for $700.00. He was meeting the guy on I-95 this afternoon to pick it up. I did the same searches he would have done and came to the consensus that most everyone prefers the OME lift for the 60, but a complete kit for $700.00, compared to between $1500-$2000.00 for a new kit for a non-daily driver seemed like a good deal.

Then an hour later he called to say he was broken down on the side of I-26 a few miles east of Columbia, in his 80, and he was OK and that someone was on their way to pick him up. The 80 is being towed to the shop tonight.
I got all the parts I need except the swivel plug remover....but if you dont mind may bring it with me to make the oil change easier at your shop. I will pay you a rental fee for your bay.

See you in morning...
:bounce:The tireshavebeen here since last monday, Just got them on today. I had an extra set of factory 80 wheels laying around,so i hand sanded them, painted them with a rtattle can:hillbilly: and mounted & balanced them today.:bounce2:
Now i need a rear tire carrier to tote the spare as it will not fit under the truck.:meh:
Heres some pics, It has really turned out to be a really nice truck. The KM2'S are not as noisey as i expected but the side walls seem to be somewhat soft feeling at 60mph and up. The truck definately has a different feel above 60 mph than before the tires. Still have to get the driveshafts redone before the drive to URE. Heavy vibration on deceleration(roaring noise) from front & rear of vehicle as well as a distict vibration on acceleration. Its a never ending money pit.
AWESOME!!! Can I buy it now or trade a 40?

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