80 axle swap has begun

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Jul 13, 2015
Samish Island, WA
No turning back now. I can't seem to ge the interior sorted out yet, but by god I needed a new suspension (the old one was recently rebuilt for sale on Mud now). I figured my LS needed a better suspension and having the work done at a buddy's hot rod shop near by. Its going to look like a new truck. New axle, wheels and tires. Hope to remove brackets and start welding tomorrow. (truth be told, I was supposed to be the laborer, but fell off a ladder and broke five ribs, so now I am just the financier).

123_1 3.jpeg

123_1 3 copy.jpeg
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YES! Looking forward to seeing what you think of this swap.
Lipstick on the new pig? Cleaning up and doing maintenance on the 80 axle- new wheel bearings, rebuilt knuckles, new brakes, rotors, etc.

IMG_1165 2.jpg
That looks pretty good. Mine is in worse shape with lots of pitting on the ball. Apparently you fill it with JB Weld and sand smooth then paint with epoxy.
Slow but steady progress. Seems like two steps forward and one step back. Found out that my old axle out of my 62 was not out of the 88, it was out of an 84- the driveline bolt pattern was different. I bought the wrong pitman arm. Stuff like that. But the install has been going well. Lots of learning, but my buddy has it handled now, so if anyone is interested, I am pretty sure he would do it again. Not on the road yet, more to do and more parts to get, but making progress.



Are the TRD wheels new also? I'm thinking about getting some for my 60.
Yes! When I decided to do the swap, I bought them. I was told they wouldn’t fit on my 62
Axle without spacers, but in never tried.
Digging the gray frame paint
I can't take credit for the gray frame. PO had the LS put in and it was painted when they replaced the bent original frame. We've repainted it after five years. Looks good with the shiny black and yellow bits.
Waiting on parts to finish the suspension up. Still some other work to be done (not related to the swap), but getting close. We now know all of the parts we need in advance. Even though I am not doing the work, I learned a lot. More pictures soon!
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Where are you located?

also I’m fairly sure @torfab up in Seattle has confirmed those trd rims do fit without spacers!
I am almost certain that when I talked to Tor about the wheels, he said I needed spacers on the fronts to make it work, but with the 80 swap, there was no issue. I may be misremembering.
Or I may of mis read! I’ll see if I can find the thread.
Nevertheless, I have loved this wheels since I first saw them and excited to get on the road again!!!
Stock 60 BS is 3.5in. Unless you have the mini truck/4Runner hubs. You would have clearance issues on a stock 60 axles (run spacers)

80 F & R axles will Fit fine.
Thanks Dave. They do fit on the 60 rear axle.

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