80 "97 2nd + 3rd row seats, fender flares, rear mud flaps, running boards SD + PA

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Mar 30, 2009
the mt rockies in sight
can be pulled only (for now). anytime in sioux falls/sd - or in philly/pa between the 9th and 13th of may
(i start rolling from SD to PA on the 5th of may. so anything along 90 and 80 on that route would be an option too).

it's a white 1997 collectors edition.
leather is tan - all very good shape - on 1/2inch rip on rear side of 3rd row seat. seat belts included. $80 obo for 3rd row, $80 obo for 2nd row.
flares are in good shape. minor chips, no cracks. driver side front has a scratch in the paint. only as a set. trim pieces come as a bonus. $80 obo
car is from mn, so there's some surface rust on the running boards. $10 each

ask me for detailed pix if you are willing to pull.

again, this stuff needs to be pulled by you. unfortunately i have no tools, no shop and no time to do so atm :(
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Are you moving to TX?? I saw that on your avatar. If you are, I want the 2nd row seat.
were you ever in MN? I'd like to grab them flares if you're still not too far away. I'm in the Twin cities.
i'm fixing to move to TX... at the end of the year.

Where about Texas are you going to be? If you can hold them for me, for sure I want them.

i bought the cruiser in the twin cities :) cruiser still sits in sioux falls/sd.
so you wanna go two-tone? ;)
gonna pm you.

If I get them, I'd paint them same color.

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