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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Ok, eveyone knows about the great tech links on this site, BUT all of them are 40 series links. I was thinking that Beo and others could salvage some of the truly valuable tech writeups and post them as pages on maybe Junks site, and get woody to link to them and create an 80 series tech link section on the tech link page. I think it would be a good place for some permanent storage of all the great 5 paragraph essay form Beonese writeups, along with others. What do yall think?

N, A phrase first coined by cruiserdan to explain how he does what he does to whom he does it to..... :D
I would be happy to salvage as much from SOR as possible. Unfortunately, I'm packed and headed for the airport this weekend and will be out of communication for most of next week. SOR will be gone before I get back.

So, I recommend that you guys try to grab Jim's birfield repack, the rotor replacement, the cooling system flush, and any others you can remember. I grabbed the diff breather extension and will post it over here the next time someone asks.

I'll host whatever you guys want. Between what's back at SOR, George S, Christo's tech page, and Lcool, there's a barrel full that's for sure.
don't forget, SOR is sending me the entire forum, program and content. I will work to see if info can be pulled and re-populated either into this section or onto a tech link page.
That's cool Woody. I was afraid though it would take too much time away from your macramae :D ... at least that's what I heard :D

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