80/100 Sedona Arizona Report & Pics, #1

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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
Ok, for those of you who were following some of TusconCruiser's and my bantering about CBs, a group of Cruiserheads (Mostly Arizona Land Cruiser Association) met last Saturday morning in Sedona, Arizona to enjoy some of the spiritual crystals and chanting....  :slap:  Not really, we were lookin' for some wheelin' opportunities...

Four vehicles total joined the party.  Myself with the "old" 1992 80 series, TusconCruiser in his recently Slee'd and OME'd FZJ80, a well built Lexus 450, and possibly the first 100 Series to sport a 3" custom lift and 35s!

Here are some pics from the Broken Arrow and Pipeline/Greasy Spoon trails.  More to come....I'm headed back there this weekend with BMT, since he couldn't ditch the fam for Easter.   :'(

Weather was great, as was the comraderie!  

It was nice to have the "Pink Jeep Tours" astounded to see a bunch of wagons on a trail that only sees short wheelbase rigs as the norm. Tourists were constantly questioning what those things sticking out of our hoods were. One tour guide explained that the "snorkel" was actually an exhaust pipe! ???

Others were tallying up the total "cost" of the rigs, once again amazed to think that people actually wheel these machines, and aren't afraid to put some scratches in 'em.

Hope everyone enjoys the first set of pics. More to come...

Thanks -H-! Been assessing the damage: a few new Arizona pinstripes, nice little dent on the ARB front bumper (repeat to self: approach big rock ledges at angle, not straight on!), and some scrapes on the Slee rear bumper. The rear bumper especially saw some action and held up quite admirably. :D

Seeing the 35s on the 100 series and Lexus sure made -H- and I, with our 31s, drool. ::) The stock Michelins on my Cruiser did surprisingly well, though, considering they hit lots of sharp rocks. Ah, but the tire envy has set itself squarely upon me!

Look forward to more pictures. I'll get mine on Friday and hopefully add a few this weekend.

Wow, your groceries must have been sliding all over the place!!! (Heh heh, little joke there.)

As I looked at the pics, I was thinking to myself "Wow, rock rash shows up so much better on newer vehicles!" and also "Chicks dig body damage."

Anyway, great pics, glad to see the bright and shiny ones having fun.
Great pics. As a 100 owner, and a former 80 owner I love seeing both cruisers offroad. The 100 really impresed me. Now if only I can convince my parents that I need a 3 inch custom lift and 35s on a truck I "dont take offroad" ;) Thanxs for the pics, I love seeing cruisers offroad.

Very nice and thanks for the post...will make a note to head out your way sometime (excuse: visit wife's cousins) and go wheeling.

We were out at in Nipton (www.nipton.com), our favorite place in the East Mojave Preserve, this weekend taking in the amazing colors and flowers and even a little snow on Friday near the New York Mountains! Too bad my less than 2 year old spare hard drive, with all of my photos, died Tuesday or I’d share also ???.
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Awesome cruiser and awesome place to wheel. I'm so jealous, its freakin cold and windy and cloudy up here in PA. I just don't know how well my stock bumpers would hold up on those rocks.

Thanxs for the pics!

WOW!!! That 100 series is so sweet!That is the best 100 series I've seen! I am beginning to like the 100 series even with the IFS. Seems to have great flex. Oh nice 80 too. Glad to see they are on the trails instead of the mall parking lot.
Yo Hltoppr - I never knew this thread was here - gotta post something in the 80/100 to let us know once in a while. :D

Nice pics!
I posted a little pointer on 4/23/03, but it seems that the 80/100 list is so darn active that it's now on page 3.... I even had a hard time finding it!

Hope you feel better soon! Lack of high altitude climbing may be the problem. ;) (At least that's what I tell my wife...)

-H- :beer:

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