8 Lug 1-ton change to 6 lug?

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Apr 2, 2007
Lake Worth, Fla
Can I change my 1-ton full floater to a 6 lug pattern? Having 8 lug rear wheels and 6 lug fronts makes for a tough spare tire decision.
The problem w/ that is your 8 lug wheel hub has larger O.D. & won't allow for the 6 on 5 1/2" bolt pattern, but I have seen an adaptor somewhere before. Or, you can run a spare w/ an interchangeable bolt in centersection:
Call Doug Brown at Extreme Axle and get 6 lug hubs for the rear. He goes by highonda.
Where's extreme axel?
Doug goes by Highhonda on the PBB. You know what that is? He sells D60 6 lug hubs, but if yer runnin an LC front, this still does not allow you to interchange front wheels to rear - compare center hub holes in both lug patters above. You would have to run D60 front hubs for them to swap out.
The new casting wheel bearing hubs for a Dana 60 that are available in 6 on 5.50” bolt pattern and 5 on 5.50” bolt pattern are compatible with Land Cruiser 6 on 5.50” wheels.....

I do not know why anyone would cast a rear wheel bearing hub and make it have a 6 on 5.50” bolt pattern and not make the center hole the same size as the front.....


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