8” High pinion diff interchangeability

Oct 2, 2008
Auckland region, New Zealand
Hi All, I’m wondering if anyone can confirm what other Toyota models have an interchangeable diff head with the 8” high pinion unit in the front of 80 and 105 cruisers?
I need to replace my 4.3:1 in a 105 series, which is rare as hens teeth where I am. Lots of ex JDM 80s around but all 4.1, but it seems some Prado and hilux’s have 4.3:1 and there are a few being wrecked. Ideally I’ll grab the nugget and install in my housing/running my axles. does anyone know what third members/diff nuggets/diff heads will bolt into a 89/105 front housing and have correct splines for my axle shafts? Ie LN196 hilux, Prado? Surf?

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