Events/Trails 7th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet

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Gun Runner 5

First and Final Warning!!
Oct 22, 2009
Thomasville, GA
Complete details on this event will be posted in August. With the pent-up demand for all things “outside” this notice is designed to give those who plan to attend and early opportunity to book lodging or camp sights.
The majority of this information has been covered in the thread but here are the cliff notes.…….

* We don’t have a registration period and there are no tickets to be purchased.
* The only known expense is a park pass from Windrock.
* We don’t have automobile inspections (it’s up to you to make sure your Land Cruiser is up to the task).
* Windrock offers both cabins and camping areas although the cabins may already be booked.
* For the group that arrives on Thursday, which is normally the majority, we plan to meet at a restaurant in nearby Oak Ridge.
* We routinely depart the Windrock parking lot at 9:00am both Friday and Saturday mornings. (You will need to have purchased your park permits PRIOR to 9:00am).
* The communication of choice will most likely be GMRS. (on a side note, once in the mountains, your cell phone is basically a paper weight due to spotty coverage.
* Recognizing that we have attendees with little to no off-road experience while others only like the hard stuff, we offer different trails that cater to your level of experience.
* Much like the majority of other organized events you’ll be required to sign a liability waiver.

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