7M GT Engine!

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Feb 10, 2008
Alamogordo, NM
I have for sale a complete 1989 Toyota 7MGT Engine with new pistons, reground crank, refurbished head(New valves, seals, springs). This is a complete engine with 0 miles, but one cylinder in assembly was scored. So included is a bare 7MGT Turbo block that can have the parts swapped over too. Also included is the bell housing, flywheel, clutch(used)., alternator, A/C pump, all brackets, motor mounts, and 2 ECUS one for manual and one for automatic transmission, the engine harness, the fan and clutch assembly, and all ancillary parts to include MAF, intake etc. This is a complete motor and all things needed for a Truck swap(Toyota) or to have all you need to rebuild a Supra under the hood.
$500 or B.O. Located in New Mexico! Will deliver for $150 anywhere west of Alamogordo, NM to Southern Cal and as far north as Las Vegas. Will deliver enroute to Toyofest 2008! This will be on May 1 or 2!

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