79ish steering column into 68 fj40? (1 Viewer)

Aug 30, 2005
Brevard, NC
I'm being given a complete steering column from an fj40, I think a 79. It's got the stock 3 spoke wheel with round center (T emblem) with horn buttons on each spoke. The turn signal wand also controls the high beams- this indicates late 70s, yes?

I know I can't replace just the wheel- gears don't match. Can I just swap the entire column out? Are the gears at the opposite end of the shaft the same?

I'm trying to replace the homebrew wheel welded to the stock center on mine. Also, my turn signal switch is behind the dash (connected via extension rod from wand at wheel) and has some dead spots, so it's becoming a pain in the a$$.

This is my DD so I don't have the luxury of pulling the old one to try it. I need to know if it should work before I start.



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Oct 1, 2003
The columns are totally different, in how they mount and how they are set up, along with the wiring....while the colors of the wires are similar on some, this is not plug and play...Your current steering column is integral with your steering gear on the frame. The 09/72 and later columns are not set up this way. They have a separate steering gear on the frame that is not part of the column. There is a rag joint that couples the two shafts between the later column and steering gear input together. Perhaps if/when you decide to swap out the column, this would be a good time to consider converting to power steering, as the work involved to make that later column work in your early vehicle is going to necessitate the use of a different steering gear.

Your 'dead spots' in your current switch could be from it being loose on the column, from the dowel being broken that holds it in place, or the linkage not being tight...

Good luck!


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