79 up jump seat upholstery

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Feb 27, 2002
United States
Two pair, enough for one truck, in great used condition. Long storage in the warehouse, so they're dusty, but armorall overnight or the like and they'll be great. OEM upholstery pulled for full upholstery replacement. Easy installation, fit the small jump seats, OEM factory grey heavy patterned vinyl. No holes, bottom is slightly discolored, pix this afternoon when I can find some batteries, 35.00 takes everything, plus frt from Odessa Tx 79764
Make that four pair, enough for two trucks. 35.00 to cover two jump seats. I have enough to cover four, same condition.
Let me see the pics, I want them !!!
Let me see the pics, I want them !!!

Here ya go...
cvr 001.jpg
cvr 002.jpg
do you still have any jump seat covers left. ??
Man, you dug this up from the ancient archives. No, I could use a set myself!

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