79+ FJ40 seat upholstery in BLACK?

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AATLAS1X here on mud sells a better quality seat cover. It's a little more money, but you get what you pay for. That was dupid... Trollhole just posted that !
Everything I have read says that CCOT covers are thinner and the thread is not as strong as AATLAS'. I have very new looking covers in my 40 that I cannot believe are original. The drivers seat cover is splitting at the seams on the bottom cushion. I would suspect that they are CCOT or SOR as the PO used them for some stuff.
Since I'm guessing this is for the '82 in your sig line, then you have the same seat style as my late '79. I too wanted black covers for the later model FJ40 and they aren't easy to find (can find lots of grey but no black in the OEM pattern).

Look on e-Bay for a seller by the name of "Dent Depot" that parts out FJ40s (eBay Seller: dentdepotsales: Parts Accessories, FJ40 New License Plate Light 1958-74 Land Cruiser items on eBay Motors). They make a decent replica of the OEM seat cover in black marine-grade vinyl with a leather type grain (it's called Spradling Softside vinyl and you can probably find it at your local Hancock or other fabric store). The fitment is OK at best, but for the money (barely $200 is what I paid for the pair of front seats) you really can't complain.

If you are restoring your FJ40 to complete OEM specs, then you may not be happy with these covers, but otherwise they are a good buy. But since you want black covers I'm guessing you aren't going 100% exact restoration anyway...
Thanks for the info Troll, Hopper & Lake.

The covers are for an '81 HJ47 that has late model 40 seats. I'm not concerned with restoring it to true oem specs and need the front seats to match the black '78 style seats in the back. If SOR's and CCOT's covers are on the thin side, they probably would not be a good solution as this truck is a DD.

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