79 FJ40 rear door opening

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Nov 13, 2022
Lenoir NC
I am in the test fitting stage of a 79 FJ40 and the rear door opening seems too large. The rear sill has been replaced by another person and it may not be correct. I just need the vertical measurement of the opening. Measuring from the striker surfaces will work just fine. Thanks

There should be movement in the capture nuts allowing you to raise the door a bit to center it. I'm assuming you don't have the seals on the doors yet. They may fill the resulting gap.

If you removed the hard sides did you replace the seals between the tub and the sides? Are the sides bolted down tight? Are the sides vertical?

Don't forget to test-fit the front doors to the sides and the windshield frame with the headers installed over the front doors. I learned all of this the hard way with my restoration project.

Good luck
Not sure how accurate you are trying to be with your build but 79 has rounded lower corners for the doors and the door opening. Adding a pic of mine (not stock, I added a tailgate but you get the idea of the corner radius).

View attachment 3168132

Yes, was about to post the same thing.
Here are doors I pulled of a wrecked 84 troopy I'm working to put on my 3/79 FJ40. Can see the. Corner radius and where the seam on the sill is further in on the 1/79+. Up until then that seam was in line with the end doors like the one in this thread.

Mine are like yours. Mine is 5/79. Is your opening 40 1/4” top to bottom from the striker surfaces?

I would have to measure it. The Cruiser is 3/79. The top is a 8/76-2/82 US market based by the seat belt brackets and vent windows. I originally had the matching doors to the top on it with the square outer corners on the bottom. They actually. Worked pretty good that way.

To my knowledge from 4/72 until the end of product in 1986 all hard top ambulance doors made in Japan had the same height as width opening. Bottom corners just changed 1/79.

Okay did a quick measurement. Top to bottom on exterior was 40 3/4". Measurement on surface that striker mount was right around 40". Those is a slow budget build and guessing I do not have a gasket between tub and sides. That might be why the measure is a little less. Both the top and tub are original as they left the factory.
Same results as @JVZii just confirmed.5-79 build date.

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