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Feb 15, 2010
I need to recover or replace my bench seat in my 71. My preference is to put in fj40 buckets. I found a pair of 79 buckets on CL and I'm told they have wear on the drivers seat but I can't see it very well. As well, apparently they are welded somewhere along the side where the back plate is attached, and the owner said this was a common breaking point for this model seat. He is asking $225 for both.

My questions:
Can I fit these comfortably keeping the 71 fuel tank setup?
If you've heard of these breaking where the metal back is attached, is this a big deal?
What would you pay for these?


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Feb 8, 2006
Vancouver (not BC), WA (not DC)
Sure, those will work. However, it is far from a bolt in swap. You'll have to fab some brackets to mount them to the floor. You can see how your 71 mounts. The bucket seats mount completely different.

I put a set of early 90s Civic seats in my 71. My seats were shot, so I used the slider on the driver's seat and welded some 1" square tube to it to mount the Civic seat. For the passenger seat, I used the base section from my 71 and again welded some 1" tube to that to fit the Civic seat.


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