79-84 body mounts


Nov 1, 2004
question on body mounts for 79-84 fj40:

Instead of having a bolt sandwiching doughnuts on top and bottom on the frame /brackets like the rest of them, the four mounts under the bed of the truck are attached to the underside of the tub and simply ride on the frame.

stock, these mounts have metal attached to the top through which a screw holds them to the bottom of the tub (see first pic below).

in my 79-84 body mount set from SOR (manufactured by Daystar), these four mounts are just a doughnut and do not have anything by which to attach them to the body (see second pic below).

I called SOR... clueless, but gave me phone # of their Daystar rep. Daystar guy was helpful looking into it, but said that all mfg's kits are made the same and that Toyota shops he called said they just booty fab them on, some by drilling the pad in the frame they sit on and somehow bolting to the frame, others by screwing sheet metal onto the top of the mount then screwing up through that into the tub (like stock)

Any experience/comments/advice? Know of any aftermarket mount kits that fit like stock?

Jul 2, 2002
New Hampshire
My aqualu mounts are just attached with a couple of self tapping screws on my 79. If it's hard urethane, I would drill a couple holes just deep enough to hide the heads of self stapping screws, and zip them on there.
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