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Jan 7, 2006
Hello all
Just wanted to chime in on this forum and give a discription of my rig.

33/15.5 swampers
4 wheel disk brakes
saginaw steering
350 fuel injected
aluminum tub
bullitproof front bumper
warn 8274 winch
custom rear bumper
GM tilt wheel
2001 monte carlo seats
full roll cage
painlesss wiring harness

soon to be on the road.
things left to do
wire the blower motor
wire the wiper motor

so it looks like I will be bringing it out for the next meting.
see ya there
I hope I did this right.
Gonna try something new now
Putting a scout box in the cruiser also getting new seals and bearings for the new turned ft axel.
do not like the way I originaly mounted the saginaw box that is in it currently.
OK forgot something.
annyone know what pitman arm to use and its corresponding tie rod end?
I agree usefull stuff but
There is little to tell what tie rod end to use. say I use a camaro pittman arm , do I also use a camaro tie rod end ?
This of course is to keep me from goin nuklear at the local parts store when I need to tell the homo behind the counter every last detail of the car i need a part for even down to what factory it came from.:mad:

This has been the only thing that has pissed me off while modifing my 40.trying to keep up with what parts i used where.

anyway all this so that I can buy a new tie rod end!
got the axle seals and bearings last night.
gonna mount the scout box tonight and reseal the ft end tomorrow.
getting home from work tonight at about 8 pm.
all are invited that wanna come over.
did not get to much done the last time I worked on it.
Spent most of the time cleaning the old knuckles up!
what a friggin mess
anyway gonna work on it tonight might actually get the housing done.
again all are welcome to come over and freeze with me.
Wish I had the time to come over & freeze, but I gotta go see what kind of mess is happening w/ my tank & cage tonight.

Then tomorrow is a fun-filled day of framing walls & plumbing rough-in at home for me... need to catch up on some of the non-cruiser stuff while the cruiser is out of my possession.

Good luck to ya. :beer:
Did not freeze to much
Got alotr done over the weekend.
permanant mounted the scout box .
fabed the stearing shaft.
have to get new pressure hose for the box.
thinking of moving the PS pump down low to give me room for york comp.
cant wait to finish just to sart all over with Erics ride.
Took advise from fellow club members to go to NAPA and get my TRE'S
The problem was that I have a pitman arm that I don't know what it is outta. Therfore I do not know what TRE to use.
NAPA told me it would take at least 4 days to figure it out.:mad:
In other words they did not wana be bothered.
I went to autozone in north versailles outta desperation and recieved the best service I have seen from a parts store in years.
putting calipers and stearing hoses on tonight.
all are welcome.
Its mobile!
finished up last night
wedsday went for first drive in a while and had death wobble at 40mph!
eyeballed the toe a little better and last night drove it.
much better almost gone .
gonna have to get it aligned.
A dude up the street ows me a favor and he has an alignment machine.
its only a toe and go.
next is the return line from the FI . its all hose and I am having pressure issues ( to high ) making me go way to rich.
I need to bend a steel one in its place.

It never ends!

AS I was looking under the Cruiser to map out the run of return line I noticed that my rear shackle mounts were toast!
So it sits again without an axel under it till I order the new ones:mad:

Need some extra cash so trying to sell the 850 Yamy.
I am legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see you guys at the next meeting!
At a boy!!!

I'm jealous. We're selling the Rubicon tonight, so I need to get mine legal even MORE now, to have something fun to drive... wish I could find more cruiser time. :(

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