'78 oil leaking - help

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Mar 5, 2003
Seattle, WA
I just got this FJ for a few months. I'm trying to determine the cause of the oil leaking. It's leaking from the transmission cover underneath. Is this from the rear main seal? It also leaks in the front around the pulley. Is it from the oil pan or the front seal? I would like to fix this problem because I took it to the mountain this last weekend (about 100 miles) and I had to put in a bottle of oil over there so I can drive it back. I haven't check the oil level yet (tired). Need some inputs here. Thanks.
Sounds like the rear main to me. That will be a fun job...NOT! As for the front, it could be either the pan or the front seal. Just have to take a closer look. Clean up all the oil and grime and let it run a while. Keep an eye on where it's coming from. Neither problem in the front is that big of a deal. I suggest you get a Haynes or Chilton for your Cruiser and study up. Good luck!
I've got the same problem on mine, pull that little rubber plug and oil comes dripping out...

Haven't actually bothered fixing it yet, but when I asked the same Q a couple months ago someone mentioend the valve cover gasket as well. If it's leaking out of the rear you can't really see it and it'll drip down into there as well
Hmm... I checked the oil level yesterday. It was still full. ???

I believe on the way home, it was mostly downhill. So no oil coming out the back. I remember the last owner mentioned something about the leaking coming from the valve cover gasket in the back. I sure hope the leaking is from the valve cover gasket. It would be MUCH easier. :) Is the valve cover gasket prone to leaking at the rear?
I thought I had a rear main problem, but it ended up being the pushrod cover leaking in the rear bottom corner. The oil went down the bellhousing and out under where it would have if it were a rear main.

No problem though. Im going to pull the engine this weekend for a little work. Im going to replace as many gaskets as I can while its out.
Mine leaks. drips down the back to the bottom of the bellhousing cover. Never loses enough to matter, I don't use a drop of oil that I can tell.

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