78 HJ45 Smoke Screen.

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Apr 15, 2003
Cary NC
Anyone on here know anything about the H diesel?

I am trying to help out one of the locals here in my hometown, he brought back a HJ45 from Nicaragua. A lot of white smoke when it starts up, followed by too much black smoke. We are going to pull the injectors and take them down to the local Bosch shop for a rebuild, the pump is supposed to be rebuilt and the motor has good compression. Once I get the injectors back I am going to dial in the pump.

Anyone have any H diesel pointers? I don't much about diesel except for a bit about the Cummins B, never worked on a Toyota Diesel. Any help or first hand experience would be appreciated.

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Working on a buddies H series HJ60 and found that the manual adjusting on the injector pump was pushing too much fuel making black smoke if you punched it. Might try turning down the full fuel mix. It's an indirect injection so it'll smoke upon startup unless it's warm. Less smoke on my buddies if it's plugged in. Might also try the international section.

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