'78 FJ45lwb - top weather stripping

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Mar 9, 2004
Flagstaff, AZ
I am going to start doing some body work on a top and upper cab of my '78 FJ45lwb, but before I take the top off the cab I want to make sure the weather stripping is still available.

I looked at SOR's website and think I found the weather sripping between the top and cab (X) but the strip from the window frame and top (S) only goes thru 1967.

Couple of questions:

1. Is there a way to renew weather sripping?
2. Any other place to get reasonably priced weather sripping?
3. Anyone do anything creative w/ theirs to make it affordable and effective?
4. What about the strip between the top/window frame?
5. Are the rear quarter windows the same as the FJ40's? In the diagram (AS) is thru '67 as well.

Would appreciate any advice.


1. The w/s between the top and windshield frame is the same as a 40. No problem there.

2. The w/s between the roof and back of the cab was still available last time I checked.

3. I'm pretty sure I can match SOR's price on both.;)

5. NO. The 45 windows are smaller. I cut down a 40 corner w/s and stuffed it into the driver's side of my 64lwb just to see if it would work. It actually fits pretty good. SOR has a repro w/s for this application, but it has no corners to it, just a round gasket. Right size and shape tho, and reasonably priced.


Mark A.

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