78 FJ40s come with a OEM hood "silencer"/liner?

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Diesel would have had that.

Gas would not have had that.

Anyone know if a 1978 FJ40 had a stock hood liner with cut-outs for the smog stickers, etc.?

Thanks :grinpimp:

I thought it was only 83/84 LX (luxury) 40-series cruisers that got that sound-deadening liner.

My 1979 BJ40 never got it.
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my 84 FJ40 got it. i thought it was the cold-climate 40's that got it.
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I just did a search on the "silencer" as Toyota calls it.

And it appears to depend on the "market".

Japanese market BJ4# cruisers got it right back in 1974 but the part number changed in 1976, again in 1979 and again in 1980.

In this part of the world (on 40-series cruisers sold new here) .... I have only seen it on the LX (luxury) BJ42 models.

I've never seen it on a petrol-powered model in this country.

But searching says it was used on FJ40 models from August 1980 in Europe and even in New South Wales (Australia) spec FJ40 models.
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my Canadian market 74 fj40 has one.

I dont think so and the price was very high for what you got. mike
My original 1978 FJ40 Owners manual clearly show it in full black and white on a shot of the motor. I'm assuming it was factory as it is not listed as an option.
Wow! Once the noises from under the hood have been silenced, you'll be able to fully appreciate the rattling windows, tire buzz, and whining differential!


Seriously? What were they THINKING???:confused:
Thought it was interesting that no one makes it aftermarket. Guess everyone had the same feeling about it.
No liner on mine

Original owner of 1978 bought in DEN with no liner......
Why would any 40 owner want that? Just sayin... Glad my 78 doesn't have it.
Bodean said:
Why would any 40 owner want that? Just sayin... Glad my 78 doesn't have it.

Just to go back all original. Pictured in original owners manual. Probably an option for cold climates. Perhaps dealer installed. Like putting the "unleaded fuel only" sticker on the outside of the fuel door- not needed, but original.
my 1981 JDM diesel cruiser had one, I have the brackets on the side of the hood for the mounting clips... was not there when I bought it, sourced one from a european Bj40, not perfect, but OK.. paid 25 euros.. so not a bad deal.

thought it was a diesel only item, its at least a factory part, not dealer installed.

have to clean, fix and install this one upcoming weeks, hope it helps killing the noise a bit..

the stuff looks a bit like layers of " rockwool" insulation glass fibre, you know the yellow wool like stuff they use to insulate roofs.
on top there is some sort of black fabric glued on. guess the fabric is for the heat, the rockwool for the noise.

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