78 FJ40 what do you guys think?

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Vegas to NY is a loooooooong drive. It will be a bit longer in a 40 and even if it isn't it will feel like it!

I know and trust my 78 pretty well, but I'll be d'mned if Id want to drive it 3000 miles with out a chase car or a good plan 'B'. Heck, I'd have to think twice about driving anything that far. Do the math...at best the 40 will get 15mpg I would guess. ...that works out to 200 gals of gas @ 2.25/gal....that's about $450.00 for gas alone. And considering you don't know the truck...anything could happen. You shuold probably consider shipping. My $.02
auto shipping

when I shipped my 40 it was quoted as

from near a major hwy to near a major hwy residence or depot drop off from norther calif to florida at $6-700

turns out it was 2 hours from a hwy so it was 900

but that is a long haul to be sure

split the cost with the seller with a little haggling and it is not so bad a deal

course you got to chekc it out but it looks pretty good ---buy it now for 11K price is pretty good he will get that with the no reserve auction in the last few secs I bet
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All that heavy red paint could be covering up a lot.

102,000 on the small block Chevy - how many miles on the truck?

As always - if it's what you really want... I would think someone could do better for 10k in the current economy.
Ive got just about 30K into mine and im doing all the work . If youve got the 11K grab it,take a trip with a freind and have a holiday getting it home.Oh, never leave home without your tools,and your lap top so you can reach us if something happens,theirs a lot of mudders from where you are and it is.

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