78 fj40. thoughts about this one

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Looks like they took the quick and easy way on this build. Might be well done, but it's a hodge podge of parts in a land cruiser tub. There is no such thing as a "factory" body lift... The black firewall, miscellaneous hardware etc. With 30k to spend, I'd look elsewhere.

Maybe the guys at radd cruisers or steve at ebi know this rig?
30K :eek:
Those wheels look like steelies to me. The tires are baja claw radials which are not all terrains. Is it a dealer trying to sell it. You definitely want to check and make sure there is some kind of gasket material between all the steel parts and the aluminum body. The aluminum wont really rust much from the salt, but if steel directly touches the body it will corrode very quickly. Check between the seat mounts and the body. That is where the most alarming corrosion was on mine. One spot you don't want failing in an accident.
Is it yours ? Lol
I like the aqualu stuff but I don't think I would pay 30k for that.

Need more pics. For that much cash I would want it to look a lot more stock. Emblems Wheels ,tires ,paint , etc.


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Hard to find one. This came up and it looks nice from the pics. I agree with you guys the price is too much. I'll keep searching. Long time lurer here and finally signed up on mud. Any BC guys know any leads to a fj40 78 and up?
I like the Aqualu stuff a lot, but a cruiser with an Aqualu tub will never again be 'stockish'. This bloke wants an all original price for an all after market rig. He'd have to pay me to take the Weber.

Check the frame. If the tub was bad enough to justify an Aqualu then I'd bet the frame had/has issues.
If your thinking of spending anywhere near $30K on a cruiser don't limit yourself to just Canada. For that kind of money you could find a nice stock original one in the US. Fly down and inspect it then drive or ship it back. While aluminum may hold up better in Canada if you spending a ton of money on a FJ40 I doubt it would see many salted roads. Buy original steel body. Store it in the winter and buy a beater for the winter.
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