78 Fj40 idle solenoid (1 Viewer)

Apr 15, 2021
Like I said on another post, overhauled the carb. Runs really nice except won’t idle unless part choked. Then idles fast. Idling too lean. The idle shut off will click when jumped and in the carb. Couldn’t get it to click out of the carb. Can’t seem to get it grounded. Removed the idle adjustmant screw and the solenoid and hit it with air. Seems to be open. Most of the air blew up in the carb. Didn’t see where, but there was some flow out of the port for the solenoid. Reinstalled the solenoid with the same result. I guess it’s possible for the solenoid to click and not work. Holes in the solenoid stem look clear. Blew them out also. Anyway, can’t find a solenoid. Cruiser corps list one for 75-76 and 79-87. Not for a 78. Both look exactly like mine. Mikes said they don’t carry them. Can’t find one anywhere. Thought I’d try that before re-rebuilding the carb. Anyway, anyone know if the ones I listed will work or where I might try for one? Headed back to the mountains for awhile. Thanks.

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