78 FJ40 Hard Doors, Gas Tank Cover, 87 2F Carb, Air Rail, Manifolds.. etc **PICS**

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Dec 1, 2003
Western North Carolina
I've got a near perfect set of RUST FREE Red (EDIT: 75/76) FJ40 Hard Doors.
These are straight from the body shop and never used on the cruiser (it was totaled while doors were in the shop). These come with all new unopened hardware and weather stripping from CCOT. I payed a bloody fortune for these things and hate to see them go, but I cannot afford to keep two projects going.

1987 AISAN 2F Carb
This was taken off of a 90,000 mile unmolested FJ60 2F motor. I ran it last week but I can't use it because of the lack of manual choke for my 77 40.
$125.00 plus shipping

1987 2F Air Rail & Ports
Carefully taken off the same motor. Has surface rust and ports remain screwed on finger tight. The thing is straight and solid..
$40.00 obo plus shipping

1987 Intake & Exhaust Manifold Assembly with EGR
Comes disassembled without heat riser shield. The thing is HEAVY.
$80.00 obo plus shipping
-Would be willing to sell separately at $40 each

1978 rear side glass weather stripping (not flip out ones)
Little bit of red over spray on them
$10 plus shipping

1978 Passenger Seat with headrest
Stock seat with possible aftermarket cover (I can't tell) in great condition. No tears.. etc.
Pics Soon
$125.00 plus shipping

1978 Seat headrest
$10.00 plus shipping

1978 FJ40 Gas Tank Cover
Great Condition in Red
$40.00 plus shipping

Shipping is from 29205 Columbia, SC. I'll be glad to assist with the shipping, especially the doors as they are fragile and HEAVY. I travel to Charleston SC from time to time also.

EDIT: PM me for more pics. I can only upload a total of three
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FYI those look like 75/76 doors not from a 78. 77s and later had three fixed nuts behind the top hinge for the mirror. Unless I'm just not seeing them.

Good luck with the sale.
Thanks for the info. That would make sense though as these doors were extras for the 78. The original ones (with the mirrors attached) didn't survive the crash unfortunately. Well, maybe one did, but the bottom is a little rusted out.
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Do you still have the wrecked truck? Are you selling any other body parts from the above pic?

Yeah, I've still got it. The only body parts that might be salvageable are what you see in the above picture. I believe the pass side fender is bent inward, but the rear quarter might be ok. Everything from the drivers side is complete toast...
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