78 FJ Vacuum Hose size/supplier?

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Nov 28, 2009
Birmingham, AL
anyone know the exact size of the oem vacuum hose line and/or a good source for a roll of it for my December 1977 production date FJ? I am going to replace and number all the hoses.......any suggestions on numbering them?
Most of the hose is 3mm and the larger vacuum lines if you have any or your 78 are probably 5mm. You can get rolls online, or any european car parts place. NAPA has rolls of the non-metric equivalent that also works fine. Toyota sells OEM vacuum line in sections, but not too cheap.
I'd stay away from non metric.

They will appear fine for awhile, but as they age will become loose & start leaking much sooner than stock 3mm. Which you can still get at any Toyota daeler.

WOW..thanks! How many feet do I need to reddo all vacuum lines?

You will not be able to use the factory hose separators and hold down points with such a large dia hose.

Factory aint cheap, but it's correct.
Cali model spaghetti feast.
Sorry to hear that. Even more reason to go silicone.

The oem stuff gets brittle eventually. The silicone does not. I got 3 colors plus clear to do mine which makes it much easier to track where each line runs. Some may prefer the clean visual of black.

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