'77 Knuckle Bearing Preload Adjustment

Sep 16, 2012
North of Tulsa
Doing my first knuckle rebuild. Everything is going pretty smooth so far. On the left side there were (2) shims (1.0 and 0.5) on the top and only one shim (1.0) on the bottom. I put it back together like that and only had 3 lbs of rotation tension. I removed the (0.5) shim from the top and got 8-9 lbs tension. I added one (0.2) shim to both top and bottom (to keep things centered) and now am back to 3-4 lbs tension. The studs are M11. They are torqued to 60 ft lbs.

I've watched a few videos and read many posts. Some say that for oversized tires you should go higher on the tension (like 10 lbs). Others don't even measure the tension. They just "feel" if the drag is correct. I'm leaning toward the 8-9 lbs of tension. (I'll be running 31 X 10.50 KM2s).

I think if I had some (0.1) shims I could get closer to 4-5 lbs of tension. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks

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