Wanted 77 FJ40 Wiper Motor

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Sep 4, 2012
United States
I am in need of a wiper motor that fits a 1977 FJ40. Mine went :popcorn:and no more wipers. Any help is greatly appreciated! I am in Colorado, USA

I'm curious if you found a motor? I have a '77 40 and the motor is fried. I would welcome any help. I sent mine to someone to rebuild but it may be too far gone to repair.
The motor is currently with someone attempting to rebuild it. I hope to get it back this week if he cannot fix it. I will check when I next see it. Thanks
There is a thread in the 40 section within the last couple weeks about a guy that found a newer Volvo wiper motor that is almost identical to 40's. Look for the thread, it might help!
very interesting. I will give that a try. I remain hopeful we can rebuild but I love a plan B. Thanks!

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