Wanted 77 FJ40 Driver side rear vent window

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Jan 22, 2007
Alva, Fl.
Need a driver side rear vent window for 1977 FJ40--including all hardware for the vent-both hinges and lock arm---I bashed mine on a tree--:(
Several in so cal.
Several in so cal.
Just saw this. Tried calling today but all I got was "enter your remote access code" when calling your number.
I need (in order of importance)first: the driver rear kickout window lock mechanism-
Second : the window itself(If not available, I can get a local shop to make or use Lexan)
Third: the two support hinges(mine were bent, but I straightened to be functional - would be nice to have an unbent set)
thanks for any help,
Gary Stilwell
As per my sig line I am out of the office until Monday. I am wheeling in PA. I will TRY to remember this when I return . I routinely turn off my answering machine when I leave town.
Sorry--I saw nothing in the sig line that told me this.
I do still need the dvr side kick-out vent window lock--I will call again--
I have the complete assembly. Please leave a message and I will call back at earliest convenience. I will only have a few minutes of shop time each day for calling people back and pulling parts to ship, but I WILL do this Gary. Thanks.
Do you still need this? I pulled one out to take home (where I ship from.)
If you no longer need this, closure would be appropriate. It's been sitting on my desk.
anyone have any idea what adhesive to use to re-attach the window frame to the truck frame? window weld? liquid nails?

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