‘76 hard to start when hot?

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Aug 18, 2013
Prescott Valley, AZ
So I inherited my brothers ‘76. I know they did not have a carb cooling fan like my ‘78 does. So with stock setup is it pretty normal to be harder to start when engine is pretty hot from running? Wondering what others with pretty stock but desmogged ‘76’s are doing. I know @GA Architect rigged his own cooling fan on his ‘77. Stock intake and carb for what it is worth. Thanks guys.
DUI HEI ignition.
Well before anyone can help you, we need to see some pics of your newest cruiser!
Will be happy to do that but she is up North. Will be up there this coming weekend
Here are a couple from my phone
After out in the mtns cruising I will raise the hood when I shut her down, helps cool and she will start easier.
WOW! That thing is gorgeous!
@yotadude520 thanks for that but she is far from perfect! Excellent bones for the most part though. Will need rear sill/quarters
@yotadude520 are you a fan of the old solid axle trucks? I missed out on a 1983 last year in Casa Grande. Also big fan of the 1985 4Runner.
@yotadude520 are you a fan of the old solid axle trucks? I missed out on a 1983 last year in Casa Grande. Also big fan of the 1985 4Runner.

Absolutely love the solid axle minis. 85 is my favorite year personally of the 4Runner too! Got the solid axle and fuel injected 22RE. I also love the older 79-83 minis as well. Miss my 1980 on a regular basis.

I'd pick one up soon if you want one - nice ones are steadily rising in price!
If I were you, I would definitely install a carb cooling fan... somehow. It made a HUGE difference in how my '79 starts after sitting a few minutes after driving it. I kind of doubt that the ignition upgrade would make nearly as much difference, since the problem is usually related to the gas in the carb having evaporated (turned to vapor) due to heat soak.
Tom, FWIW my 76 with federal emissions has a carb cooling fan. It’s located in the stock left corner of the engine bay. As you can surmise it rarely kicks on after driving in the climate I live in.
There’s plenty of threads on this. The fuel in the float bowl tends to siphon out into the intake when it’s hot creating a rich condition and harder starts. Without pumping the pedal, press the gas pedal to the floor while starting it hot and let off as soon as it starts.
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I thought only ‘78 and later got the fans?
Funky isn’t it ... from this thread:
Thanks Johnny as lenmn said the one on my ‘78 is different, driver aide rear near firewall, pulls cool air in from the driver side cowl vent.

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