"76 FJ40 propane powered woods truck

Feb 11, 2004
So I had an “accident” on Ebay. I bought another toy that I have been looking g for 7-8 years. I’m still married but I have to get rid of one of my rigs. So here goes. I have a ’76 FJ40. But you can see from the picture it is set up as a long distance woods truck; not a technical crawler. I had two rigs; the 40 and a ’63 FJ45; one lived on the beach and one was a logging truck. They both had frame issues so I put them together with the help of certified welders and the picture shows the results. The frame is 8 years old and still straight and level to 1/8” on the longest diagonals and would accept any 45 body bits including a box. It has dual cylinders for the rear wheels so they can be used like tractor brakes. This combined with the Auburn gives really good traction on the rear axle. I have a set of heavy (huge) chains for the front and can generally go anywhere I want. It has a set of self-anchoring chocks that I made to pull large logs out of the woods with the old upright Warn 8000 lb winch. They have also been used to rescue some of that other brand of vehicle. The winch probably needs a rebuild at this point; motor is good but the whole thing leaks gear-lube.The fenders have a bunch of glass in them but I do not think there’s much other rust. The engine is stock except it has a Toyota e-ignition with the large distributor and an old 6-1 header. The engine is dual fuel except I would never go back to gas so I got rid of the gas tank. The engine just runs smooth and wonderful on propane.
Truck is pretty basic; doesn’t have a heater/defroster; at 60 mph the only sound you can hear is the roar of the engine and the whistle of tires. It has full and half cloth doors. There must be a lot I have not said. Ask. Oh yeah price. I do not know. I want it to go to a good home. I’ve sold it twice on Ebay but the buyers did not figure on shipping so they folded on the deal. You could drive this truck from here, Seattle, to Ohio and it would make it fine but I doubt the driver would. Ebayers paid 3600 but I figure that’s high. Make me an offer, please email me dchapin@seattleacademy.org for photos
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