'76 fj40 disc brakes on a '71 fj40

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May 9, 2003
Breckenridge, CO
Ok, I looked and looked but I couldn't find anything on this. Maybe I missed the obvious but...

Is it sorta painless to put the disk brakes from a '76 on a '71? I'm able to get the axles, birfields, calipers, rotors and few other minor parts. So I'm hoping that will work, I do realise I'll need some sort of proprtioning valve. So what do you guys think? if a missed a thread or tutorial with this just point it out to me please. :p

The easiest and cheapest way to put disc brakes on your axle is to get a front axle out of a 79-85 mini truck and swap everything from the knuckles out. I"ve done this twice, it's the most cost effective way. And get the whole axle from the mini truck, you'll need the old calipers (core charge).Good Luck
quite easy...you are effectively doing a complete knuckle rebuild, taking the parts off the 71 and replacing everything with parts from the 76. Final step will be to replace the master cylinder with a disc brake model or just remove the residual valve from that circuit and see if it brakes adequate.

Have fun, take pics, write a nice story....always love new tech stuff!
thanks woody, thats all the bit of confidence I needed. I figured it was pretty easy, and I will take a bunch of pics and do a little write up. :cheers:
I put a complete 76 axle assembly in mine and removed the restrictor in the front of the master cylinder. I can not lock up the front wheels. So I found a 76 master cylinder/booster that I am going to put in. Since my rig sees mostly trails it has not been a prioity. But for the road, IMHO, upgrading the master cylinder/booster is a must.


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