'76 Dome-top 2F Rebuild/Refresh - 0.020"/0.5mm Oversize? (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2020
Wausau WI
Digging into the block of the 2F while it's out for the frame-off - now's the time for a refresh, as it's got 120k on the clock. Doing a quick measure of the bores, it's got some (expected) wear. It seems like the only option for oversize pistons are custom or the ITMs, although those are even getting harder to find....

Planning to take the block in to the machine shop in the next few weeks - based on the numbers, it seems like a 0.020"/0.5mm overbore should suffice, and run the ITM pistons with some fresh rings from Hastings...anything I might be missing on that plan for the cylinders/bores? Seems like the 0.030 oversize are popular to squeeze a few more cubic inches out, but most are out of stock on those.

Any thoughts from the engine-builder camp?

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