'76 Diesel 45 LWB Pickup, Boston, USA Legal

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United States

After a few phone conversations I told a guy that I would help him sell his '76 HJ45 Pickup Truck. Photos at: http://www.collegeinternetsolutions.com/cisautoweb/dtlc/76HJ45/

Has original H inline 6 diesel engine, H41 4 speed with low first. In '76 front disk brakes were not an option in Costa Rica, so later model disks were added. I believe it has 4.11s. It supposedly starts, runs, and drives excellently which would lead me to believe the smoking problem is related to dirty injectors or a fuel filter. You'll notice some body filler, take it for what it's worth. I think the bed is OK but the cab is fairly clean. 100% legal US importation via the 25 year old rule, imported through a registered importer.

Original description follows. Located in Boston MA, I believe he's asking $9,800 OBO, email me direct for questions and contact information andre@collegeinternetsolutions.com

Original Description:

Rare. Just imported from Central America! 1976 Toyota Landcruiser HJ-45, with a six cylinder diesel motor. Diesel motor starts and runs well but does smoke however, I have not ran a compression test to find out what this problem may be. Four wheel drive is functioning well. The truck went through a complete makeover, including completely sanding entire body down to bare metal, and using minimal body filler where needed. Where there was rust, the area was cut out and a new piece was welded in before priming and applying
four coats of original paint color to entire truck. The chassis is very solid, with minimal surface rust under the bed which does not penetrate the frame, and the chassis # is still completely legible.

The brakes and clutch were rebuilt prior to arriving here. Front brakes have already been switched to disk brake setup, and the rear brakes remain as drum brakes.

The interior still needs some final touches such as a nice carpet set and door handles need to be changed. I do have the rear turn signal assemblies, but have not installed them yet. And it is a 12 volt system.

This vehicle arrived about a week ago, and I will provide a title and temporary registration within five business days.
$9800 :eek: :eek: :eek:

That thing is a junker. IT is beat and rusted.. The paint has got to be the worst job I have EVER seen- there is overspray EVERYWHERE. And they had the time to "take it down to bare metal" everywhere, but didnt have time to mask it off at all for paint work? The bed is rusted, and horribly patched. Have fun getting parts for the "H" diesel that probably needs a rebuild.

Sounds like the guy that imported it though he was getting a gem and got a turd, and is now trying to bail for the import fees and the cost of the truck...

MIGHT be worth about $2500, but you would not get my $$$
The pictures speak for themselves. Since he's hitting all the boards I'll share his post from the YT list, at least he's moving in the right direction.
From: scott <zeemang@y...>
Date: Thu Jan 16, 2003 4:08 pm
Subject: HJ-45 and an FJ-40 for sale


Hi all,
I've got two cruisers up for sale right now. 1976
HJ-45 diesel pickup and a 1972 FJ-40. I can send
anyone info on them and additional pics, but there are
already lots of pics of the 45 on the yankee toys
area. I put them both on ebay and did not get the
response i was looking for, with my best bid for the
45 at less than 6000.
So, i'm taking ANY bid over 6000 for the HJ-45 and
anyhthing over 5000 for the FJ-40.
Both vehicles can be seen in somerville MA.
scott laakso
603-762-0551 cell always on!

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