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Aug 5, 2010
So I decided to document my process over the last 6 months or so and give lots of pictures along the way. I made a thread a while ago about how I bought my 40 and 5 days later the engine locked up and soon discovered it was trashed. Trashed being a relative term....it was just completely original...with bad maintenance. Anyway here is what I started with.

On the drive home from colorado to texas stopping through at garden of the gods.

Well after the probably not such a good idea 2 day journey 1000 miles home it happened. At this time I didnt know hardly anything about Landcruisers and found myself in for a ride. I decided that I might as well finish what I started.

Here is some shots of the damage

And so the fun part begins... Had Edwin at Landcruiser specialists here in austin do the overhaul. What an awesome job.

She now comes complete with a complete overhaul....new fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, lifters, cams, valves, pistons, rings, bored out to 30 over, polished valve cover and intake manifold, man a fre 6-1 headers, speed sleeve on harmonic balancer, and a whole bunch of other crap....

Since the rebuild I have also put an optima red top battery in and denso high torque starter. I replaced all weatherstripping on the doors and a lot of the hardware on the outside of the truck with stainless screws and bolts. I added a HFS bumper and repainted the frame from the front to the firewall. Replaced all steering linkages and spent lots of time just cleaning it....

Now for the fun part...here it is just as my daily with new hubcaps on it

And last week I bought a OME 2.5 inch lift with extended shackles and 33x10.5 all terrains. After 10 hours of a long day and spending some time on the alignment machine here she is...

I need some more pictures but this is what I got for now. Sorry for the quality most of them were taken with my phone. Enjoy! I know I do!


Aug 28, 2010
San Diego, CA
Wow....Awesome. I have the same truck, except with 31's and just put my OME 2.5" lift on with Bilsteins all around. What a great ride!! Which lift did you do? I went with the heavy as mine has an aux. tank, rear tire carrier, RTT and rack. Super smooth, can't believe it's the same truck.

Your 33's look great. How's the interior? Love to see more pics of that as well.

Thanks for sharing.....

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