For Sale 76 2F

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Mar 28, 2011
Wilmington De.
United States
I pulled my 2F to put in a Diesel, it is the original motor for my FJ40. I have video of it running before I pulled it. Complete except flywheel and clutch (these are being used in my swap). It is located in Wilmington De. $300 and pick up.
Any more info on it? Any components come with? Mileage? etc...
Did you run a compression test on it before you pulled it?

Thanks Josh
It comes with everything except flywheel, airpump was pulled but have it in a box (still good), also has HEI Dizzy. No, I did not do a compression test prior, have been driving it for years with no issues. I do have a video of it running just prior to pulling it. Please PM me as I do not get to this site as often as I should anymore.
As far as I know mileage is around 80-100 k, speedo was none functional when I got it around 4 yrs ago. Had 86xxx on the odometer when I bought it and have driven approx 800 miles since

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