76 2f radiator question

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May 20, 2013
Orange County, CA
I need some help. I just purchased a cc180 champion aluminum radiator for my rig. This is supposed to be the model radiator for 2f engines. I tried installing it this evening but my radiator bracket in much wider than the width of the radiator. The radiator that is in there now is not an fj40 radiator. The PO installed it and it doest not bolt on to the bracket. Have any of you guys installed a champion radiator in your rigs? Am I supposed to make some kind of modification? Pictures of my current set up coming.
I installed this radiator last week in my 74 FJ40. It is not a plug and play radiator:doh:.

You will need to grind a bit on the radiator bracket.

Drop the radiator in... Mark the corners of the bracket where the radiator hits. Then grind that area.

This modification adds about 30 -45 minutes to to project.

I hope the new (ebay) aluminum radiator is worth the trouble... time will tell.

Good Luck! :cheers:
Thanks for your response anvil, I was anticipating some kind of modification, but the cc180 radiator is about 3 inches short in width. in starting to think that the radiator housing was cut and welded to fit the current radiator.
Radiator pictures

Here are the pictures for the radiator in there now.
FJ40 radiator1.jpg
fj40 radiator2.jpg
fj40 radiator3.jpg
That is nowhere near being a stock original radiator. The support bracket was probably modified to make it fit. You need a stock bracket. John

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