75 tub and cowl on 1980 fj frame

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May 6, 2012
Can it be done?
I know the fuel tank may be an issue and the mounts may need modification, but can it be done?
Perhaps i should elaborate more.
I have a complete truck, minus the tub. Can the 75 tub and cowl be used witha january/1980 hood, hard top, side panels, fenders, doors and ambulance doors?

Is a bj40 body built in January 1980 the same as the 175fj body?

So far i havent found anything in the FAQ or search directories.
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IIR there is some info on frame measurement specs in here some where , the body mount points will probably be a little different but could be fabbed to work.
The body mounts will differ. This is my 1978 frame with a 74 tub and an 81 hardtop. Had 75 doors but opted to do with the 74 and below doors. Hood is a 71 seam filled in. I call it Heinz 57 ha ha! Wish now I would have kept the later model door as pictured.:hillbilly:

jesus, this is th 4th thread on this in 2 weeks. I have also posted a response in every one of them.


You will need roughly 6-8 body mounts from a an earlier frame. I believecruiser solutions sell these new. You will have to drill 4 holes. in the rear crossmember.

You might be able to reuse the front A pillar/cowl mounts if you space up the rest of the truck accordingly by 1/2+ inches. you could merely mount two of these mounts higher on the frame than the factory position of a 77. This would actually be the way to go. You could fab your own with heavy duty square tube. source some off a frame, or buy new and call it a day. This would require the least amount of work and would only leave a slightly higher spacing in the rear to deal with.

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