75 series aircon / aftermarket options

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Nov 7, 2022
Hey guys

First time poster, recently purchased a 75 series to play around on and loving it. No mechanical experience but I enjoy learning as I'm going.

The cruiser doesn't have a factory aircon in it which has been kinda bugging me lately with the extreme heat. I've looked around to find a wrecking aircon system and have found a couple but am just wondering how much work involved there is.

I'm also looking at alternate cooling systems such as the red dot roof mount system but it's huge and just looks over kill for a single cab ute.

Has anyone used any DIY sort of cooling systems for their car that doesn't have A/C?

Thanks guys
Yup! I added an entire Vintage Air kit to mine. Honestly not a bad install, but depends on your comfort level. You end up replacing the entire heater core with their assembly. There are a lot of classic car shops that are used to them as well and can help out. I ended up making my own lines. compressor bracket and everything, happy to answer any questions.

Joe's kit looks nice as well and will likely come out "more factory", but is also more $$. In my case his setup is geared towards diesel trucks (IIRC), so I would've needed to figure out some bits myself regardless.

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