For Sale 75-76’ FJ40 spare carrier, Vancouver WA (1 Viewer)

Dec 25, 2010
Camas, WA/Portland
This is the rear spare carrier for the drivers side of a 75/76 FJ40. It is complete with hinges and latch/hook. All have been freshly sandblasted and powder coated in satin black. The exterior of the carrier was professionally painted in single stage freeborn red.

It’s super nice but the hinges show some dimpling. The lower support bracket on the inside lower right also shows a little rust damage that was sandblasted clean and is barely noticeable. This was all completed as part of a full resto I’m doing, but I had swapped this out for a 4plus carrier.
**also one hinge mount needs to be drilled and retapped**

Asking $300 obo. Local pickup preferred, but I will ship on the buyers dime.

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