74 FJ40 Steering Column & Wheel Compatible to a 74 FJ55???

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Feb 27, 2010
Guys I need verification.
I have a deal pending with fellow mud member Redgrrr for a complete column & steering from his 74 40. I'm looking to replace a aftermarket steering wheel setup on my 74 PIG from previous owner & go back to a Toyota original. Does everything match up for my 55 as it being removed from his 40?? Any big problems or modifications need to make work for a 55??
Redgrrr has pictures of the entire steering setup in the parts for sale section if you need to see what I'm talking about. Guys thanks for your help our advise!
The FJ40 column is approx 1 inch shorter than the 50 column between the firewall and steering wheel. Also the 40 column shaft ends with a coupler that connects to the steering box while the 50 shaft has splines and connects to a ujoint. The 50 column also has a bearing at the firewall while 40 columns do not. The parts diagrams on sor.com might show the difference too.
terrx thanks
After taking terrx advise I did look it up on sor & found that all the top parts such as steering wheel, horn assembly, turn signal, & ignition all interchange with same years of the 40 & 55. Just trying to remove all the aftermarket junk from the top of the column & swap all the top Toyota eternals back where they go.
If I'm looking @ this correctly I should be able to take the parts of the good 40 steering assembly & just use the top components mentioned above to build around my 55 column knowing it's already connected properly..?
Will that work?
Also on sor.com you can get some idea of compatibility by clicking the part numbers in the diagrams. E.g for the steering wheel they show: "Fits 9/72-3/76 FJ40/FJ55 USED". I imagine the other parts have similar compatibility, but with a little work you can check to be sure.

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