~74-76 driveline to parking drum nuts/studs?

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Mar 27, 2013
Sedro Woolley, WA
So I have researched this over & over... somehow everything I find -s for the front driveline.

I have 2 parking brake drums - one early and one later. I swapped to 76 axles and found the driveline flange sizes are totally different. That isn't a problem since I have a later driveline and a later drum... The early drum has a standard M10... this drum looks like it's an M11...

However the drum doesn't have the nuts.

I went to Fastenal and they can only order in grade 5 M11x1.0.

I called my local Toyota and they couldn't find anything (didn't understand) and told me to come in. I went there and fumbled through their parts screens for them trying to discerne what I needed... unfortunately all they have is a breakdown of 4 various drivelines and none of their bolt/nut part numbers have any corresponding sizes.

I narrowed it down to a possible 94110-51000 as the diagram shows no bolts and would be at the transfer case end. However under that # is 90170-11205 which is described as a nut/bolt combo. Vancouver WA (other end of the state) has them but they won't call to find out size and claim the Vancouver parts guys won't look at them to determine the size (awaiting a friend to respond who has a contact at that dealership...)

I've been reading through the forums and everyone says to use the stock Toyota as they are specially hardened hardware.... but I can't get anything...

Should be either M10-1.25 or M11-1.0.
Either way, you want a high grade nut with a splitlock washer--Grade 8 or 10.9 metric.
Why not call Specter Off Road.

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