'73 full tub on a '78 frame... will it fit?

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Apr 23, 2011
Austin, Texas
I bought a 1973 full tub to install on my 1978 frame. Will this tub fit or will I need to make any modifications? It appears that the tire carrier mounts on the opposite side & the transmission tunnel is a different shape, but other than that I don't see many differences. The main thing I'm wondering is if I will need to use the transmission tunnel from the '78, or will the one on the '73 work? What other problems should I expect?

I also don't see enough holes to indicate that there was ever a roll bar installed in the '73 tub. I read on MUD that roll bars were not standard until late 1973. Is that correct? I'm not sure what month my tub was manufactured.

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can provide.
You can make it work if you don't mind making a few mods to the '73 tub. The 40 frame and overall tub dimensions didn't change but there were 3 different generations of tubs. You have the first and your '78 used the 2nd. Main difference is in the floor, from firewall back to the sill. As Skully3 said, you'll have to do some re-engineering but it can and has been done before.
Starting to love MUD

Thanks a bunch guys! This forum has been a huge help so far. Dave is the one who told me about the tub. I'm more than happy with the tub for the price I paid. I don't mind putting in some work to make it the way I want. I plan on doing 95% of the work myself, just to learn how to do this kind of stuff. I like the OEM look but I'm not building the 40 to sell, so I'll make modifications as it pleases me.

I will be buying some OEM wheels with hubcaps. Those are just too cool! :)
here is a link to your rollbar question....


as far as the tunnel goes the earlier tunnels were round may have to cut it out some for clearence....there are also other links on here about the diff options for diff years, from my understanding all tubs will fit with (some) modification.

is this tub from bill in fla?


I read that thread but I didn't see anywhere where it talked about whether or not roll bars were standard items in 1973, in the U.S.A.

The tub came from a little town just outside of Austin, TX.

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