73 fj40 wiper motor noise

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Aug 25, 2009
Milton, DE USA
greetings and thanks for any help. 73 fj40

bought 73 fj40 and wipers did not work, cleaned out and re-greased as well as cleaned up motor and now working fine except for two things - making a bumping noise about as loud as someone snapping their finger kind of loud as it goes from one end of the arc to the other . in other words when it reaches the end of the arc - bump - then other side of arc bump - is this sound normal for a 73 windshied motor?

second issue is that wipers dont always go to the same spot at end of arc - maybe an inch off once in a while - assume thats not normal - does it seem I have something too tight or not put back right or again are both of these normal for a 73 windshied motor.

again, thanks for any help
My 73 wipers don't make any noise. I can't even hear the motor running so something is wrong. As to what the problem is I can't help you out on that.
my 73 sounds loud too even after cleaning and regreasing. They are old and have to work a bit.

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