'73 fj40, van & trailer FS in Nashville

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United States
Everything you’ll need to go wheeling anywhere! The Lizard, an extremely capable and well-equipped 1973 fj40, available with spares for $14,000. The White Whale, a high-miles cosmetically-challenged 1996 Ford E-350 extended cargo van with 7.3 liter Powerstroke turbo-diesel for $4,000. And a 16-foot HD open car trailer with new treated wood deck and dovetail for $1,100. Purchase the whole package, with a bonus van-load of spare fj40 parts and pieces for only $17,500. Will sell separately, but only after the Lizard is sold. More info and many pics at: http://4wd.tech-minds.com/gallery3/albums.php Thanks, Dave Safford in Nashville Saffordd@bellsouth.net
Wow! I wish I could swing it......Your rig appears to be well thought out and solidly built.

Good Luck with your sale! It looks like someone is going to be getting a nicely built-up cruiser.

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