73 FJ40 Thinking about PU

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Mar 7, 2005
Dayton, TN
Well sometimes it pays to drive down roads less traveled. Well I could not believe it, but my eyes werent playing tricks, and as my luck would have it. Guy was backing out of driveway.

I will get better pics once rain stops. At this point I am trying to gain a value on it, I probably should post this in the main forum, but wanted to post to locals.

I am still new to the FJ40's, since my last 10 years have been with Mini Trucks. But I think this would fit the bill for a Sunday Cruiser..


Noticeable good features. Bought from Cali 5 years ago, by this guys boss, then he has just been storing and maintaining for the guy. NO Rust in Floor Pans, Rear Tail Gates or Rear tail gate floor, The inside is showroom mint, all lights and gauges work. Plus all guages and misc lights are proper era...

Has Dual Fuel Tanks, never saw that before... A nice 2" Dick Cepek Lift, in Blue of which the axles and drive lines are same color of Blue... It has a Overhead Console, like a Conversion Van has a radio, CB, and all the switches, for KC Lights, and Toggle's for Interior Lights, and The Extra Gauges, there is a Tach, and Volt Meter, and I forget the other gauge. There is also, Skid Pans under Engine agea, and over the Rear Gas Tank. U Bolt Sprung Under Skids... Kidda Cool

Will get inside pics, and let everyone pic it apart.

The Bad is the Top has rust in rain gutter, and some surface rust in the various joints of the cruiser.
73 White Cruiser.jpg
I took this to the main forum... No action here, plus figured this wasnt the best place...

But everyone look and drool... Could be coming to a mall near you.
Thanks for encouragement... So far the answer is yes... Everyone in the main section, is from Cali answering and guy said 4500 tops.. I thought dude in SE we sell rust buckets for that, that run.
4500 seems low to me. You might be able to buy it for 4500, but if it was mine it would take a lot more than that for me to part with it.
:hmm:... as soon as I get the rear axle back together, and let it out in the sun...

I will get the camera out and snap a few..
i would run, this is obviously a scam and you don't need to get involed. just give me the guys phone # and i'll make sure he never calls you or bugs you again.:D
Yep I bought it... No way no how for 4500.00...

I think I truely have something or at least for the SE... Waiting on my buddy from NC to come in this month, and look her over... He can tell me in 30 min what I got...

Truely its a GYM, everyone is just in awwww over the condition of it.
Be on the look out... Rebuilt Carb, brakes, seals, lines, pads, Fluid Changes... So 2K later she is golden outside and In...

This will be the wife and I's Date Night ride... Not as flashy as the old Supra but ... Will do.
This will be the wife and I's Date Night ride...

Take the top off(the 40).......will make date night a whole lot easier;);););)

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